Rose bath soak bag
A cute bath soak bags filled with amazing ingredients to relax and soothe your body and muscles. Tie over your Tap while your running your bath and let the amazing ingredients run through your bath and let your body absorb the richness of the ingredients. 

The use of roses for beauty and bath purposes can be dated back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Besides smelling so good, roses have many amazing skin benefits.

Contain Antioxidants
Moisturizing Properties
Rich in Vitamin C
Aid in Healing Skin
Natural Astringent
Shrink Large Pores
Control Oil
Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Relax the Body
Reduce Stress
Promote Glowing Skin

Each Purchase comes with 3 bath Soak Bags.

Rose bath soak bag

  • Dried Roses

    Lemon Essential Oil 

    Grapefruit Essential Oil

    Pink Himilayan Salt

    Epsom salt


    Ylang Ylang Essential Oil